Why topless choir?

Why are people often ashamed of their bodies? Other animals may perform sexual activities on your car trunk, without feeling embarassment. Even worse, they feel it`s right. Human has to hide their upper and lower body parts in every possible occasion, blushing. Seems stupid? So it does for us…

Why men can be topless without shame and women can`t? If a woman reveals her breasts, she's a nudist, when a man does it, he`s just a man. We step on the next step of the ladder of human equality. We think that female upper body is at least as attractive as male`s. Why to hide it?!?!

Even in our restained world we have to remember, that we are all from the same spieces and equal on our outlook. If we dare to show our breasts to one person we should dare to do it for greater public. Without false shame.

We are not nudists, bodyshowers or perverts. We are regular people. We all have breasts. If we are topless, let`s be topless together!

Reveal your breasts!

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